“A grassroots advocacy campaign for the Wheelchair Foundation Mission”

Wine for Wheels is an international group of philanthropic volunteers, consisting of thousands of friends and colleagues, who meet all over the United Sates at different venues, some private, some public, to provide the awareness of the needs and abilities of people with physical disabilities and to collect donations to provide wheelchairs, hope, mobility and freedom to those in need.

Make a difference…..Please join us…..

Wine for Wheels and the Wheelchair Foundation…..

….. where your gift keeps giving.

Interested In Hosting A Wine For Wheels Event?

To receive a “Hosting Starter Kit” and information on how to host your own Wine for Wheels event – email Jeff Behring or call (925) 648-3829 or you may contact him by filling out this form.

Host a Wine for Wheels event and have the opportunity to join us on one of our Wheelchair Distributions.

Upcoming Wine For Wheels Events