Welcome to the World of Wine for Wheels

“A grassroots advocacy campaign for the Wheelchair Foundation Mission”

Jeff Behring

Jeff Behring – Director of Special Events, Wheelchair Foundation

The idea Behind Wine for Wheels is both Powerful and Simple…

In April of 2001, Jeff Behring, Bill & Kathy Arendt, Val Nunes, Mark DeWitt, & Richard Geithman were at a local grocer having a glass of wine until the unexpected happen…the grocer closed its doors to wine tasting.

The following week Kathy suggested we take our wine and food tasting home and contribute funds that we would have spent to a good cause. It has never been the same for us or for thousands of wheelchair recipients and their caregivers.  For nine years now, our volunteer group, Wine for Wheels, consisting of thousands of friends and colleagues, have met at a different venues all over the country, some private some public, and some in far off lands…collecting donations to buy wheelchairs for those in need. Wine for Wheels provides a fun and interesting way for individuals and groups to initiate fundraising campaigns at all levels and to offer their friends a way to engage with the world.

Schools, church groups, and other organizations can also come together to raise funds and awareness through privately held social events, giving people all around the world a way to become directly involved in helping provide hope, mobility and freedom to the physically disadvantaged through the provision of a wheelchair.

Come join us…won’t you?
Your Wine For Wheels Director,