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Wine for Wheels is a grassroots advocacy campaign for the Wheelchair Foundation Mission

  • The idea Behind Wine for Wheels is both powerful and simple.  Private citizens, schools, church groups, and other organizations come together to raise funds and awareness through privately held social events, giving people all around the world a way to become directly involved in helping provide hope, mobility and freedom & wheelchairs to the physically disadvantaged.
  • Wine for Wheels provides a fun and interesting way for individuals and groups to initiate fundraising campaigns at all levels and to offer their friends a way to engage with the world. The cost of providing a wheelchair is $150.00 Some hosts set a goal; to raise enough funds to send a full container of 280 solid rubber tire wheelchairs or 260 mountain bike tire wheelchairs to an approved designated country; many others, combine their funds to help send wheelchairs to a current Wine for Wheels designated project.
  • All event hosts will have the opportunity to join the Wheelchair Foundation in delivering wheelchairs to an annual Wine for Wheels designated wheelchair delivery project.

How you can support the Foundation

  • Individuals and organizations can support Wine for Wheels and the Wheelchair Foundation in a number of ways:
    • Host a Wine for Wheels “Wine and Dine” party, dinner, luncheon, picnic or tea party at your home, church, community center, local restuarant or business by registering on the website or send a message to Jeff Behring by filling out the contact form.
    • Host a benefit concert, speaker series, talent show, back sale, or movie.
    • Sponsored run, Dance-a-Thon, or sports event.

Wheelchair Foundation will provide

  • Sponsors and hosts with newsletters & DVDs that show the need for and the joy of giving mobility and freedom to a recipient and their caregivers.
  • Marketing materials and ideas on how to host an event and discuss the topic of providing mobility to those in need.
  • Letters of personal gratitude and tax donation receipts to all hosts and participants for sharing in these extraordinary events.
  • The Wine for Wheels website as a conduit for hosts and participants to provide and collect donations online.

Please join us as a host, participant, donor and/or volunteer and help provide the gift of mobility to the physically disadvantaged and bring freedom to both them and their family members and caregivers.

For more information on hosting and participating in a Wine for Wheels event, fill out our form or call Jeff Behring at (925) 648-3829.